Accessible Living Concepts

After working in the niche’ market of remodeling for accessibility for 10-years, Tim Dickey of Dickey’s Remodel & Repair knew there was a big need for a showroom. Why a showroom you may ask?

Experience has shown us that nearly everyone has different accessibility needs. Unfortunately, clients cannot tell what meets their specific needs until they actually “test drive” the different bathing products available. SHOWROOM—now they can!

In addition to those of us with immediate accessibility needs, there is a whole movement of forward thinking people who, when they remodel or build their homes, realize they’re getting older and may want to incorporate changes that will allow them to live in their homes longer, living safe, independent lives for many years to come. This concept is called “Universal Design” and is wholeheartedly being embraced by our “boomer” generation.

The Accessible Living Concepts showroom addresses both the immediate and long term concepts of accessibility in a one stop shopping environment. Our trained, experienced staff will assist you every step of the way. Come visit us in our new showroom.

We’re easy to find, there are no stairs to negotiate, and there’s plenty of free parking. Make an appointment now to come see us today!